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Apply and read
Applying a Dcode on a timber log with a selected marker, using the Dcode Reader app for encrypted data read and export.
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Authentication Platform
Applying a Dcode on a timber log with a selected marker, using the TimberID app for data sourcing, cloud data processing and storing, providing the authentication of provenance proof.
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EUDR Platform
Seamless automated data creation and storage based on defined processes meeting the regulatory objectives, creating a DDS, submitting to EU Trace portal.
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Pricing Model
The TimberID Platform is available to all, SMEs and Enterprises.
Customised pricing model allows to match your requirements.

A small organisation will enjoy a low-cost access.
SaaS Platform
SaaS Platform
Leafs IconFixed annual license recurring access fee.
Leafs IconFlexible monthly platform usage resharing fee, including:
Leafs IconFile transfer and storage
Leafs IconFile processing
Leafs IconLicense
Leafs IconCustomisation
Leafs IconSystem functionality modifications
Leafs IconIntegrations
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
User access, on the App Store
TimberId Logo
Dcode Reader
Dcode Logo
Dedicated hardware units for generating and applying the Dcode are the subject of offering on the basis of Customer requirements and defined volumes.

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