Safe And Effective EUDR Execution
Safe And Effective EUDR Execution

Leafs IconData security and privacy, selectively release of data
Leafs IconDocumented risk assessment and mitigation measures
Leafs IconAccumulated geolocation data
Leafs IconVerifiability of due diligence efforts of upstream suppliers
Leafs IconSegregation of wood with non-compliances
Leafs Icon API seamless integration with EU Information System
Due Diligence Statement Creation
Transaction DDS Number
TimberID Platform automated workflow simplifies collecting and handling information, keeps data private, and shares only what's necessary.

It leads to submitting data efficiently to the EU's "Traces" Information System.
Deforestation Geo-Spatial Data
Collection options of plot of land polygon data
Automatically imported from dozens of standardised GIS (Geographic Information Systems) file formats (like: Shapefiles, GeoJSON, Geodatabase, XML, JSON, TXT, SQL, etc.)
Automatically imported from open and well documented geospatial and other file formats (like: contour lines, raster and vectors data, triangulated networks, lidars data etc.)
Manually by simple drawing polygon on map in web user interface
Manually by using data collected via mobile apps using GPS coordinates in field
Additional information based on plot’s geo-spatial data:
Deforestation analysis and visual reports
Carbon Footprint Monitoring, predictions and data reports
Digital Delivery Note
Digital Delivery Note is a digital delivery document generated on the first shipment from the forest. This document contains logistics data, vehicle data, optional delivery route data in the form of a GPS report, photo documentation, including the application of a code tag on at least one log.
TimberID Authentication
The authentication process is an AI-driven deep-tech solution, based on geo-location provenance proof.
TimberID Business Intelligence & Reporting
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