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Business Partner
We are seeking Business Partners on a country base, focused on solutions marketing and sales. For such partners we offer volume based compensation, contact fees and flexible cooperation conditions adjusted to local market or specific industry niche. We value experienced business partners with establish market position as well as these with open mind and new bright ideas, just as Uber.
OEM Partner
We are seeking OEM Partners offering API level integration of our OptiwAI capabilities within own services and software or adjusted for own branding for their clients looking for new quality and cutting-edge technology to improve the quality and visual appearance optimised for various target media and channels. The OEM partners gain access to our technology, knowledge base and direct contact with our personnel to share the best practices, technology and grow common value.

We offer wide range of services for integrators including system optimization, configuration detailing and even custom development of new tools on demand. Integrators get access to the company knowledge base and direct communication with support, development and test staff.

The high end technology based on machine learning and various AI application is available using easy to implement web-based service offered in SaaS model, delivered on high availability scalable infrastructure.

White Label

For those looking for own branding and seamless user experience across integrated application AI4Creative offers unique white-label option where featured applications can be fully customized.

The model perfectly fits for existing vendors looking for extending portfolio or expanding own platforms with a new capability based on our experience and highly efficient, artificial intelligence aided photo enhancement and retouch. The cooperation can be extended with our own support staff, who can take over second and third line cases, up time guarantee service level agreements and flexible payment models adjusted for the brand owner business and scale.

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