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Data Sourcing
Data Sourcing
TmberID image sourcing is captured in a fully automated mode.

By positioning the smartphone in front of a timber log face, the display will navigate the user by a green circle appropriate placement.

The source record is created and sent to the database for further processing. Consequently, the capability of the verification and authentication processes are run on demand.
Single Log Measurement
Single Log Measurement
LIDAR is a remote sensing technology delivering an accurate data sourcing. TimberID is now capable of processing timber log measurements using the built-in LIDAR functionality in iPhone.
TimberID offers simplicity and full automation of the measurement process.

Click on a reference point on of a log ring, walk along the log, repeat the click on the other side and view the length result.

Seamlessly scan both rings and view the diameter size and total volume in cubic meters.

Enabling single log measurement irrespective of the location, on the ground or on a pile.

Enjoy the simplicity and precision.
Dcode Reader
Dcode Reader
The Dcode Reader enables a real time display of encrypted information created by a Dcode.

The Dcode Reader app is for information display only.

The Dcode Reader app Pro can additionally create an item list and export a file, including the verification of location information.


A Dcode in an encrypted variable code mark, indented on a timber ring in the forest, providing information on geo-localisation with a two-metre accuracy and a one-second accuracy timestamp.

Dcode Gallery

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